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Thyme (White) Organic Essential Oil

Thyme (White) Organic Essential Oil

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  • Diffuse sweet woody aroma that is uplifting and energising
  • Massage after blending to stimulate circulation, relieve cramps and soothe away fatigue
  • Apply diluted in very small quantities to troublesome skin. Inhale as a decongestant
  • Blends well with Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange, Marjoram, Rosemary, Lavender, Pine
  • Full 90-day money-back guarantee*

Warm, slightly sweet, woody fragrance with tonic properties for circulation and nerves. Pungent, spicy, medicinal aroma to clarify and energise mind and uplift mood.

Thyme essential oil is derived from the steam distillation of the flowering tops of the Thymus vulgaris plant. Historically, it's said that thyme was used in embalming, as well as for religious ceremonies, and funeral rites.

As a tonic oil, thyme is used for the circulatory, digestive and nervous systems.

Thyme’s warming properties are helpful as a circulatory stimulant that is excellent in massage blends to relieve cramps and muscular aches, ease stiff joints and combat fatigue. With natural antiseptic, warming properties thyme can help reduce mucous, and clear sinuses. Emotionally, thyme essential oil has been used for courage and revitalisation, mental clarity, and uplifting moods.

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