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Low-Impact Activity Bundle

Low-Impact Activity Bundle

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  • 1 x Amino-Mix
  • 1 x Hydrolysed Collagen
  • 1x Super Fibre

Low-Impact Activity Bundle

Your workout may not have a high impact on your joints, but your body will need nutritional support to keep you performing at your best.

This combination of products will support muscle tone, and skin and joint connective tissue. They will also boost your nutrient intake and aid a healthy digestive system.

What is Amino-Mix?

A balanced blend of essential and non-essential amino acids, including branched-chain aminos. This formula is suitable for anyone who is concerned about their overall protein intake, including those looking to support muscle strength, growth, and recovery. Made without any animal products this formula is perfect for supporting a plant-based diet.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. This unique formula includes 8.2g of easily digested amino acids per serving including:

  • 20 amino acids including all 8 essential amino acids
  • 1265mg of L-Glutamine
  • 1307mg of branched-chain amino acids

This formula is lower in calories than many typical protein supplements. Only 57 calories per 15g serving mixed with water.

What is High Strength Hydrolysed Collagen?

Collagen is a structural protein found in most connective tissue, including joints and skin. Although collagen can be produced in the body, production may not meet our needs. As we age our ability to produce collagen declines too. This can lead to ageing of the skin and joint wear and tear. This comprehensive formula includes collagen along with co-factors to support your joints and skin.

Collagen is an important component of joints, along with providing strength and stability it also important for flexibility of tendons & ligaments. This supplement could help to protect your joints from wear and tear.

It is the most abundant protein found in the human body. As well as supporting the health of joints, collagen is the primary structural protein found in the skin. As we age our skin can become thinner and the loss of collagen can cause wrinkles to form. It is thought that collagen supplements may slow-down this process and encourage skin to maintain structure and elasticity.

What is Super Fibre?

This food supplement is packed with fibre from various sources, including both soluble and insoluble fibres. It also includes the prebiotic inulin.

While fibre might not be the first supplement you think of when considering the needs of an active body, low fibre intakes can result in poor digestion, low-energy, and a general feeling of sluggishness.

It is suggested that adults need around 30g of fibre a day. Fibre is essential for supporting normal digestion, regulating blood sugars, supporting gut bacteria, and helping to maintain cholesterol. Meaning a good intake of fibre can benefit both short-term and long-term health.

Each serving of Super Fibre provides 11.7g of fibre from wholefood sources. The blend of fibres provide benefits for the digestive system and beyond, including:

  • The normal digestion of food
  • The normal removal of waste
  • Regulating blood-glucose
  • Preventing cholesterol increases

Super Fibre contains whole food fibres that are easy to digest and gentle enough for everyday use.

Amino-Mix Nutritional Profile

15g serving provides:

Energy value 238 KJ /57 Kcal
Fats 0


of which sugars

5.5 g


Proteins 8.2g
Salt 7 mg
L-glutamine 1265 mg
L-carnitine 1150 mg
L-aspartate 621 mg
L-leucine 603 mg
L-ornithine 460 mg
L-alanine 393 mg
L-valine 453 mg
L-phenylalanine 453 mg
L-serine 352 mg
L-tyrosine 352 mg
L-glycine 310 mg
L-proline 310 mg
L-threonine 287 mg
L-isoleucine 281 mg
L-lysine 251 mg
L-cysteine 221 mg
L-methionine 218 mg
L-histidine 209 mg
L-arginine 23 mg
L-citruline 23 mg

Hydrolysed Collagen Nutritional Profile

20g serving provides:

Energy value 322 Kj/77 Kal
Fats 0.44 g
Saturated Fats 0.28 g
Of which sugars
13.3 g
2.6 g
Proteins 5.1 g
Salt 4 mg
Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) 2.8 mg 200%
Vitamin C 120 mg 150%
Hydrolysed Collagen 4000 mg

*NRV = Nutrient Reference Value

Super Fibre Nutritional Information

15g serving provides:
Energy value 150 Kj / 36 cal
Fats 1.95mg

(of which sugars)


Proteins 0.1g
Salt 4.5mg
Fibre 11.7g
Apple fibre 3.2g
Psyllium husk 2.8g
Concentrated plum power 1.5g
Inulin 1g
Guar gum 0.9g
Oat bran 0.9g
Acacia gum 0.9g
Cinnamon bark 360mg
Artichoke extract 102mg
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