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Lime Organic Essential Oil

Lime Organic Essential Oil

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  • Uplifting citrus aroma
  • Cleanses the skin and energises the spirit
  • Apply diluted to refresh and tone. Add to bathwater to lift spirits and recharge energies
  • Add a few drops to a diffuser refresh and revive the spirit.
  • Add a few drops into your facial cleanser at the end of the day to gently remove dead skin cells to refine your skin
  • Full 90-day money-back guarantee*

Lime Essential oil is beneficial when used in skincare. Add it to lotions or serums for a toning and anti-wrinkle effect. It is also helpful against acne, dilute with a carrier and apply to the affected area at night.

Lime has antibacterial properties so it can be used as part of your first aid kit to help promote healing and reduce the spread of bacteria.

Its uplifting properties can be felt by adding a few drops to a carrier oil and applying to pulse points each morning.

Very refreshing for a tired and exhausted mind so a great choice to diffuse in an oil burner or use in a massage for relaxing.

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