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Hydrolysed Collagen + 4000mg High Strength

Hydrolysed Collagen + 4000mg High Strength

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  • Supports skin health
  • Supports bones & joints
  • Contains 4000mg of Hydrolysed collagen per serving
  • Also contains 120mg of vitamin C to support normal collagen production
  • Delicious mango & banana flavour
  • 25-day supply
  • 90-day money-back guarantee*

What is High Strength Hydrolysed Collagen?

Collagen is a structural protein found in most connective tissue, including joints and skin. Although collagen can be produced in the body, production may not meet our needs. As we age our ability to produce collagen declines too. This can lead to ageing of the skin and joint wear and tear. This comprehensive formula includes collagen along with co-factors to support your joints and skin.

Collagen is an important component of joints, along with providing strength and stability it also important for flexibility of tendons & ligaments. This supplement could help to protect your joints from wear and tear.

It is the most abundant protein found in the human body. As well as supporting the health of joints, collagen is the primary structural protein found in the skin. As we age our skin can become thinner and the loss of collagen can cause wrinkles to form. It is thought that collagen supplements may slow-down this process and encourage skin to maintain structure and elasticity.

What’s in it?

Hydrolysed collagen promotes the intestinal absorption of this protein, because it is a "pre-digested" collagen. Collagen undergoes a process of prior disintegration by enzymes to reduce the size of the peptides and increase their intestinal absorption. Hydrolysed collagen is better absorbed at the intestinal level and is better utilised by the human body.

Alongside collagen, this formula also includes two amino acids – methionine and cystine – both of which are important for the body to produce collagen. Alongside these amino acids is vitamin C. Vitamin C also contributes to normal collagen formation as well as protects cells from oxidative stress.

Acti-Fit Hydrolysed Collagen is flavoured with natural banana and mango powder. It is delicious simply mixed with water, although it can be stirred into any cold drink.

How can it help me?

Whilst the body can produce collagen, as we age this production does slow down. If you lead an active lifestyle you are at greater risk of collagen being lost as you age.

Joint problems, including strains and sprains, are the most common injuries that occur during exercise. Osteoporosis, the most common type of arthritis, is the result of age-related damage to the joints.

How do I take it?

Simply mix 20g into liquid, once a day. It can be taken at any time of day but we recommend taking it with a meal to ensure proper digestion.

Nutritional Profile

20g serving provides:

Energy value 322 KJ/77 Kcal
Fats 0.44g
Saturated Fats 0.28g
Of which sugars
Proteins 5.1g
Salt 4mg
Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) 2.8mg 200%
Vitamin C 120mg 150%
Hydrolysed Collagen 4000mg
*NRV = Nutrient Reference Value
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