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Healthy Starter Programme

Healthy Starter Programme

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  • Healthy Starter Pack+ with Liquid Chlorophyll and Pre + Pro 15 make a synergistic, powerful cleansing programme designed to Cleanse, Refresh & Rehydrate, Replenish & Restore.
  • Healthy Starter Pack + providing five natural, herbal combinations to support five elements of cleansing
  • Liquid Chlorophyll (47-day supply) to help flush out your system
  • Pre + Pro 15 replenishes your gut with a variety of beneficial flora
  • No fasting and no going hungry just normal healthy foods
  • Provides a powerful yet gentle formulation that collectively helps cleanse the body, supporting the natural routes of elimination
  • Fits in perfectly alongside your normal daily routine, without disrupting your everyday work-time, or social schedule
  • Gluten-Free

Why do I need to cleanse?

A toxic environment in the body can result in a lowered immune system and can provide an ideal habitat for bad bacteria, and many Health Experts recommend a whole-body cleanse at least twice a year. Toxins can re-circulate in the body if the eliminatory functions are not working effectively and fat-soluble toxins can be stored in the body for many years.

How will the Healthy Starter + Programme help me?

The Healthy Starter+ Programme contains three top-selling products that we believe make a powerful, safe and effective cleansing combination. Complement your Healthy Starter Pack+ by combining two support products to make your cleanse complete. This programme contains the Healthy Starter Pack+ 10-day cleanse, along with Liquid Chlorophyll and Pre + Pro 15.

The Healthy Starter Pack+ includes five herbal combinations to support five elements of cleansing. This unique combination provides a powerful yet gentle formulation that collectively helps cleanse the body, supporting the natural routes of elimination. This highly effective cleanse is designed to be taken alongside a normal healthy diet. Results will be enhanced if you omit red meat, caffeine and alcohol from your diet during the programme. Drink plenty of water whilst using the programme.

How do I take the Healthy Starter + Programme?

Take the contents of one packet from the Healthy Starter Pack + 15 minutes before eating, three times daily, with at least 8oz of water.

Liquid Chlorophyll is a great companion to your cleanse – add it to your water for a great natural spearmint taste, and drink throughout the day. It makes water into a cool, clean tasting drink that leaves breath minty fresh. During your cleanse it is important to drink plenty of water. This helps the body to flush out its system and also helps the fibre to work effectively throughout the intestinal system.

Once you have finished your cleanse begin taking Pre + Pro 15. This high potency, multi strain, live bacteria supplement provides 15 billion bacteria per serving. The fifteen strains of bacteria in Pre + Pro 15 ensure you replenish your gut with a variety of beneficial flora. The delicate balance of healthy gut flora can be disrupted by a number of circumstances, including the use of antibiotics, excess alcohol, stress, disease and exposure to environmental toxins.

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